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Are you overwhelmed by Social Media? Let’s Simplify It

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Are you overwhelmed by Social Media? Let’s Simplify It

Social media isn’t going away. It’s more integrated into every aspect of our lives and businesses than ever.

But with all the other things you do and manage in your business, how can you get social media to work FOR you in a way that feels natural, and stay on top of it over time?

These are big questions. Social media can seem monstrous. So huge, in fact, that it’s hard to even define it (let alone know what to do with it).

Google does it this way: “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.”

I see a couple things in this definition that clue me in, as to what I should be doing with it. “Create”, “Share,” and “Participate.”


Let’s go with those to break it down a bit…



Create means that you come up with something to put out there. What that is, is up to you, but in general it should be something your target audience finds valuable. It should inform people about what you have to offer (AKA what you “do” for people) – and enlighten them on why should they care.



Share means that you put it out there, and that those on the receiving end can do the same with their network. As mentioned above, it has to be valuable for anyone to want to do that. And you need the proper channels for that sharing to logistically take place, and for what you’re sharing to get found.



Participate means you don’t leave the party right after telling your great story. And you don’t avoid the party in the first place. It means you show up on social media, answer questions or comments, share some things you think are valuable – in a word, schmooze. But, of course, you have to participate with the right people, in the right channels, otherwise you won’t make the “right” connections.


For more on how to be successful at social media marketing, check out Rebeka Radice’s 6 Habits of Highly Successful Social Media Marketers or Shama Hyder’s The Zen of Social Media Marketing


Comments? I’d love to hear from you – share below.

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