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Blogging Mistake #4: Not Having a Focus

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Blogging Mistake #4:  Not Having a Focus

When you’re well on your way with blogging, publishing content that’s solution-based and relatable for your audience, don’t make this all-too-common mistake:  confusing them. By not having a focus for your blog as a whole, and a specific focus for each post, you’re going to lose them.

People will either not click through to view your posts, or spend less time on the page. Your opportunity for a true connection with them will be lost. You’re not making it easy for people to follow you if they can’t follow what you’re saying.

How do you nail down your focus?

Two words:  content curation.

What do they mean? Put simply, assemble something for readers that is not totally random. Make sure that your post has a theme, that there’s some kind of commonality to what you’re presenting. Not just “What I Like This Week”.

Consider putting together an editorial calendar that lays out all the things you want to post on in the course of a month, a quarter, or the year. Once it’s laid out like this, it’s easy to create a plan for what to focus on that makes sense – not just for you, but for your readers too.

Make it something they care about

When you’re curating, or putting things together that you want to share with your audience, always ask yourself:  “Who cares about this besides me, and why?” Make sure that it’s something your audience a) can relate to and b) will be motivated by. Remember, your ultimate goal is to get new prospects and turn them into business. You can’t do that if you’re not relating to them in the first place.

Name your topic

Once you have a focus for your post (narrowed down to a topic that’s specific, as opposed to general), make sure you use those keywords in the title of your post, or headline.

The number of times I’ve seen a design blog post that didn’t have a headline containing keywords is too many to count. If the headline is “Inspiration” or “My Favorites”, how much of a chance do you think the author has of that post showing up in someone’s search? Slim to none.

(Hint!  There will be much more about SEO, or how to get found in search in the next post, Blogging Mistake #5:  An Absence of Copy.)

When you get specific with what you’re putting out there, you’re going to get more specific results.  Put randomness out there and get (guess what?) random results.

And if you’re going to put all the time and effort into this blogging thing, you’re going to insist on results, right? Go get ‘em (with something they can get).

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