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Blogging Mistake #5: An Absence of Keyword Copy

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Blogging Mistake #5:  An Absence of Keyword Copy

If you’re off and running as a blogger, regularly publishing content, giving your readers great ideas and insight, sharing relatable stories, and writing posts focused and on target with your market, excellent. But be careful – don’t follow this trend (er, trap) many bloggers are getting into now.

Because of the nature of the content bloggers in creative professions want to share – projects, how-to’s, samples, product solutions – and the capability of computer design software, it’s a wonder that I wouldn’t recommend blog posts to just contain one or more beautifully-polished images. Those images can get attention, solve a problem, tell a story, right?

Well, yes…Showcasing your work and ideas IS highly visual. And images DO get attention. I couldn’t agree more. It’s just that search engines don’t feel the same way. Or readers.

I’m not saying no images. You need images. But copy (words) too! Have a balance.

Here’s the deal:  If the keyword copy is nowhere to be found, then you are nowhere to be found in search.

Images alone limit you, because they don’t allow for Search Engine Optimization. Here’s why:

The keywords aren’t in plain text

When copy is layered over an image, it can’t be found in keyword search because it is not in “plain text” like image captions and regular copy (headline, subhead, body – the sentences and paragraphs). Adding copy with keywords in plain text (your comments on the images, but separate from the images) you give the reader and the search engines something to note.

If you were a design blogger, and had, for example, “Clever ways to add light in a small space” as a headline/subhead, and the same phrase or variations of it in the body copy, you’ll have much more luck being found when someone searches for similar keywords. If that’s their problem, that they’re searching for a solution to online, they find you – boom, problem solved.

They don’t showcase your expertise

Although images can be tagged, tagging is not the quality copy that the search engines give favor to and rank well. In order for search engines to know you’re an expert, you need to prove it. You won’t prove it by popping up a bunch of images every time you post. You have to say something about them.

Your readers care more about what YOU have to say about the images than what the images have to say. Add your thoughts. More than one- or two-liners. Explain why you are showing the audience each image, and what relevance it has to them.

How to write copy that truly connects?

Make sure when you’re writing that you’re using ordinary language your audience can understand. Step one foot out of your professional world, and into the world of your prospective client. In earlier posts we discussed how your blog is not about you. It’s about your audience, and how they can find and follow your online. Out of that following, your blog’s purpose is to help you get a number of new business prospects, some of which (we hope) will hire you.

When your content stands out, you can more easily be found by these prospective clients. And get on with the business of getting new business.


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