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Blogging + Newsletter = Easy Marketing Success

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Blogging + Newsletter = Easy Marketing Success

Content marketing is the thing. The thing that can establish you as an expert, set you apart from the competition, and get you out there, so the right prospects can find you.

But is it your thing? It you’re finding it hard to get content first created, let alone out there circulating on the web, maybe it’s only a matter of understanding how easy this strategy can be.

Once this 2-part marketing machine is set up, you just “rinse and repeat,” so to speak. buy synthroid online uk 5 Steps to Get Started:


1. Get your website set up with the functionality of posting, so your most current content is prominent. This is traditionally a Blog, but could also be an Events, Classes, News, or other similar page (Projects, Before & Afters, Inspiration…). Your “blog” doesn’t have to be text-heavy, especially if you don’t fancy yourself a writer. It can be image-focused, videos, or whatever creative thing you can come up with. That said, the right keywords will optimize your content for search – helping get you found for the right thing – so make sure you tag your images and put keywords in descriptions. Organize your content by Categories (also keywords), so it can keep working for you, long after it’s been posted.

2. Decide what you want to post. What kind of content do you want to share, that helps people get to know (and want to hire) you. Think about what problems you can solve for your audience/what information would be of value to them.

3. Decide on a schedule for posting. Once a week is pretty standard, and gets you some good traction. However, every two weeks or once a month is also a great start.

4. Get a newsletter or email marketing template set up.

5. Re-post that content from your Blog in your Newsletter, and distribute it via email to your list. Chances are (high), they haven’t seen it on your website, so sending it directly into their inbox gets it front and center.


BONUS TIP: Re-post that content on Social Media. Chances are (still high) they haven’t opened your email. Don’t hesitate to post in more than one place/platform, and more than one time. Just vary the text and images to keep it fresh.


And there you have it! When you have these two working for you, you’re sure to have content marketing success.


Comments? I’d love to hear from you – share below.

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