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Do you have a blog?

Is it working for your business? The blog you have (or don’t) could be hurting instead of helping – it could be keeping you from getting new clients. Find out if you’re putting your business in jeopardy by making these 5 common mistakes.


Blogging Mistake #1:  Not Publishing Anything

Blogging Mistake #1: Not Publishing AnythingIs blogging in your marketing plan? Maybe you’ve started a blog, but abandoned it because you’re too busy, or just got stumped on what to put up there. Maybe you’re asking, “Why do I need to blog?” and aren’t sure what it’s supposed to do for you, or exactly what a blog’s supposed to look like.

In any case, if you’re not blogging, you are missing out on a key way for prospective clients to find and connect with you.

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Blogging Mistake #2:  Advertising Disguised as Blogging

Blogging Mistake #2: Advertising Disguised as Blogging

Now that you’re blogging, pat on the back. It takes time and tenacity, but if you’re doing it right, you’ll be well on your way to cultivating your online audience, and converting them into prospects and (hopefully) new business.

But there is a wrong way to blog. That wrong way is…

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Blogging Mistake #3:  Not Telling a Story

Blogging Mistake #3: Not Telling a Story

We know by now that if you’re not publishing anything on your blog, it limits your chances of online business marketing success. And, we discussed how advertising on your blog instead of blogging is a no-no, because it turns prospective clients off.

But what turns prospects on? A story. The best use of your blog is to make its content something that people can relate to.

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Blogging Mistake #4:  Not Having a Focus

Blogging Mistake #4: Not Having a Focus

When you’re well on your way with blogging, publishing content that’s solution-based and relatable for your audience, don’t make this all-too-common mistake:  confusing them. By not having a focus for your blog as a whole, and a specific focus for each post, you’re going to lose them.

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Blogging Mistake #5:  An Absence of Copy

Blogging Mistake #5: An Absence of Keyword Copy

If you’re off and running as a blogger, regularly publishing content, giving your readers great ideas and insight, sharing relatable stories, and writing posts focused and on target with your market, excellent. But be careful – don’t follow this trend (er, trap) many bloggers are getting into now.

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