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Best & Worst Online Newsletters

clover imageThe Best Online Newsletters:
What Have They Got That Yours Does Not?

The online newsletter. Everyone wants you to sign up for theirs. So you do, sign up here and there – sometimes to get a “freebie”, sometimes because you’re genuinely interested in what they have to say or have to offer. But once they hit the inbox, what separates the good from the bad? The opened from the unopened? What makes some desirable, gotta-have-now information?

6 Ways to Make Your Online Newsletter One of the Best


dollar signs and @ symbols - CopyThe Worst Online Newsletters:
What to Avoid to Stay Worthy

What’s the worst thing people can do with your online newsletter? Not open it? No, actually worse is for them to open it and be disappointed. And far worse than that is for them to open it, be disappointed and unsubscribe. Ouch!

How do you stay in your subscribers’ good graces? How do you keep your online newsletter IN the inbox, and ensure it’s opened, read and clicked-through?

Well, let’s first establish what NOT to do…

4 Critical Things That Can Make Your Online Newsletter One of the Worst