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Keep Your Marketing Attitude in Check

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Keep Your Marketing Attitude in Check

Does marketing bum you out? Why is it so hard sometimes?

Ask any solo-preneur or small business owner if their marketing comes “easy” for them, and you’ll probably get a no. That or a dazed look.

That’s because many see marketing as one of three evils:

  1. Distracting (It takes them away from the “real” work they should be focusing on.)
  2. Overwhelming (It takes too much time, and there are too many things to do to keep up.)
  3. Confusing (It’s not clear exactly how to implement certain tactics.)

Marketing as a concept can be difficult to grasp. It’s a huge one, encompassing many different avenues and strategies. But its goal tends to be identifiable: Get more business.

If you can take the concept of marketing and turn those evils into something good – you’ll have a much better chance of meeting that goal…attracting more of the business you want.

What problem do you have with marketing? Here’s how to turn it around:


If Marketing is Distracting You

You might be thinking that marketing is going to take you away from what you’re really good at, and take your focus from what you need to finish in order to get paid! The fact is, marketing is necessary to continuously attract prospects and convert them into new clients. It’s part of your job – not something that pulls you away from it.

Try scheduling your marketing – putting together a newsletter, blogging, or being of assistance on social media – for set times. Having them in your calendar eases the shift of focus, and keeps you accountable to that “project.”


If Marketing is Overwhelming You

You might be thinking that there are too many things to do to market your business. You might be trying to juggle work responsibilities with an ever-growing list of marketing “to do’s,” to keep up with the latest and the greatest. But marketing can be simplified. Take a look at what’s working for you now to get new business, what’s worked for you in the past, and concentrate 90% of your marketing time on those efforts. It doesn’t hurt to try something new – as long as you keep it within that other 10%, and track your results to see if it’s paid off. But with all efforts, stay consistent. Results aren’t typically achieved after trying something once or twice.


If Marketing is Confusing You

You might be thinking that you don’t even “get” how to use certain marketing tools. Whether they’re beyond your technical expertise to administer, or their jargon goes right over your head (inbound…click-worthy…auto-responder…a/b testing…what?) they might seem inaccessible. However, if something makes perfect sense for your marketing strategy – it gets you in front of your target market, and helps you achieve a specific, desired result, it is worth it. Take the time and effort to learn something new, or if that is prohibitive, hire someone to handle it for you.


Comments? I’d love to hear from you – share below.

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