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Marketing all over the place? Find Out What Works

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Marketing all over the place? Find Out What Works

If you’ve already been working on getting your online marketing in line, likely you’ve established a couple of things: you know who you’re targeting, and you’ve identified what results you hope to achieve. But in order to make an even better-focused marketing effort – saving you time and money – it’s also necessary to find answers to this question:

basics What works in your industry (or niche) to connect with this market and get results?

If you try “any old thing” that comes up, or jump on the “latest thing” bandwagon, you can put your business at risk. You could lose time and money if it’s not right for you.

The best way to know what works, and what’s worth your investment of time and money, is to see what similar, successful businesses like yours are doing. A little market research.

Market research, to find out what works in your industry, would include:

1) Investigation
2) Assessment

Who’s out there, doing what you do?

In the first part, Investigation, you’ll want to work like a detective to find businesses that are similar to yours. They may be your colleagues or competitors.

How are they doing it?

Secondly, for Assessment, you’re going to evaluate what they’re doing for marketing that works. This might involve perusing their website, signing up for their newsletter, taking a look at their social media, and talking with them on the phone, or meeting for coffee.

Some of the insight you get might include what doesn’t work, which is also excellent to know. The general idea is not to steal ideas of course, but get leads on where it’s worth it to put your marketing effort and dollars. And then adapt what you’ve learned so it fits your personality and your business.

If you’re worried about competitors, you can always take a look at what those out of state, in a market similar to yours, are up to as well.

You never know what you might find – it might indicate a move in the opposite of where you’ve been putting all your marketing efforts. Then it’s time for a new plan!

Watch for more posts in this series – I’ll share specifics on other ways to get your marketing together and working for you.

Comments? I’d love to hear from you – share below.

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