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The Worst Online Newsletters: What to Avoid to Stay Worthy Posted by

The Worst Online Newsletters:  What to Avoid to Stay Worthy

What’s the worst thing people can do with your online newsletter? Not open it? No, actually worse is for them to open it and be disappointed. And far worse than that is for them to open it, be disappointed and unsubscribe. Ouch!

How do you stay in your subscribers’ good graces? How do you keep your online newsletter IN the inbox, and ensure it’s opened, read and clicked-through?

Well, let’s first establish what NOT to do…

4 Critical Things That Can Make Your
Online Newsletter One of the Worst

(These you must avoid…)

#1 Confusing Your Readers

Make sure your newsletter has an overall theme, and that each issue has a topic. Having a focus helps your readers focus. When they focus, they can get more out of it – more than just a quick skim and click away. And when you have their attention, it’s easier for you to encourage them to take action – whether clicking on a link to get more info, sharing with a friend, opening your next issue, or calling up to hire you.

#2 Not Talking Directly to Your Readers

Vividly know who your target market is, and talk to them. Make it like a two-way conversation. Speak in language they understand, about things they care about. Don’t go on and on about yourself, your business, what YOU care about. Your online newsletter may ultimately be a vehicle that serves you (your marketing purpose and business goals), but if you don’t talk straight to your target audience, you are talking to no one in particular. (And then no one in particular can hire you.)

#3 Overwhelming Your Readers

Don’t give them too much, and don’t expect too much of them either. If your articles and the length of your newsletter go on and on, you can bet your readers will high-tail it out of there. Yikes, who has the time? No one likes a burden on their time or energy. Keep it concise, to-the-point, and relevant. Honor your readers by having reasonable expectations. They’ll be grateful for your doing so and will then honor you with a read.

#4 Boring Your Readers

With the breadth of information that’s online, you must liven things up, and make yours appealing. Show your personality. Weave in true stories, things that are human and relate-able. Describe things so they can see in their mind’s eye, and add pictures to make the story you’re telling exciting. But always make sure that what you’re sharing is of interest to your readers.

When you put out an online newsletter that’s attention-grabbing and pertinent to your readers, one that they won’t hesitate taking a quick few minutes to read, you’re sure to stay safely in the inbox.

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