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Who is my target market? 12 Questions to Help Define It

Seasoned marketers know that if you are wide open to working with “anybody” – any living, breathing person willing to hand money over to you – you’re likely to land “nobody” as a client. (Seems counter-intuitive, but true.) You might have clients, but “nobody” great. And, you may have little to no career satisfaction by spreading yourself too thin, or by working with less-desirable clients just to have someone to pay the bills.

The best marketing advice tends to be “specialize” in something. That way, you can be found and known for something – people will actually seek you out, for that particular thing you’re so amazing at. That specialization might fall into one of two categories for you: either types of projects or types of clients.

Below are some questions to ask, to help you get clear on defining your target market – so you know where to aim your efforts and your dollars to build your business.


12 Questions that will help you define your target market


Target Market: Certain Types of Projects
1. What am I the best at?
2. What have I received awards/accolades for?
3. What’s a field/area of specialty I’d like to break out in?
4. Where do I see the best results?
5. Where do I find the most satisfaction?
6. Which projects are the most lucrative?


Target Market: Certain Types of Clients
7. Who do I want to work with?
8. Who have been my best clients?
9. Who would be a notable client?
10. Who would help me grow my business?
11. Who do I have the most fun working with?
12. Which clients pay the best?


After answering these, hopefully you’ll come up with some new insight. Or maybe just confirm that you’re on target.

Comments? I’d love to hear from you – share below.

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