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Why Should I? Benefits of Blogging

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Why Should I? Benefits of Blogging

Somebody told you you should blog.

You read about it on Social Media, or the internet somewhere … maybe a few places and you’re starting to get the hint. But you want to know, is it worth it?

Will all the time and effort you put into blogging pay off?

How does it even seem possible to blog with your already full schedule of meeting with clients and running day-to day business operations? Do you have what it takes to compete with the other blogs out there?

Truth be told, blogging takes commitment. It takes energy, and it’s not something you jump into on a whim or mere suggestion.

And, it’s not for everyone. I’m a firm believer in putting things into your marketing plan that fit in with your marketing strategy. If they don’t fit – don’t waste your time.

If you do blog, it’s imperative that you do so consistently. It’s the only way for it to work. When consistent, blogging can pay off in a HUGE way.


The Lucky 7: How Blogging Works to Market Your Business:


1. It establishes you as an expert.

When you regularly provide ideas, tips and how-tos, people get the idea that you know what you’re talking about. You become the go-to.


2. It sets your website apart.

Which website are you attracted to more? The one only with pages about the company and how they’re so great, or the on that actually provides you with a solution to your problem?


3. It brings more people to your website.

Share your blog post on Social Media or in your newsletter, and get lots of clicks back to your site. Then maybe some clicks around to other impressive stuff, like your portfolio. And maybe a click to contact you about a project.


4. It boosts your website’s SEO.

Your blog posts work to get you found online by making your site content and keyword rich. Search engines like sites that get action – visits and engagement – by providing visitors something of value.


5. It increases your likability.

People aren’t going to hire you on the spot – they need time to get to know, like and trust you. Blogging is a special way to build a relationship with your target audience. Sharing what’s personal and unique about you is intriguing.


6. It builds your audience.

Before you know it, with regular, engaging blog posts, people start to follow you. They know you’re going to give them something good. They might even share it, extending your social reach.


7. It supports your product and service sales goals.

What are you going to blog about? That is the question! Your blog plan shouldn’t be sales-oriented, but the strategy behind it absolutely should be, for business blogging success.


Comments? I’d love to hear from you – share below.

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