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Why Should I? Benefits of Doing an Online Newsletter Posted by

Why Should I? Benefits of Doing an Online Newsletter

Being given permission to freely send information about your business to someone is an honor. Your prospects have granted YOU access to their personal inboxes. There’s no guarantee they will open everything you send, but they have said yes. They’ve let you into their world, in a not-so-small way.

Now it’s up to you to deliver something to that inbox that they open without fail.

When you have an online newsletter that’s attractive, uncluttered, brief, relevant, and offers helpful information, you set yourself up in the best possible way to win those opens, an even greater honor. If you send your newsletter consistently, your subscribers will know what to expect, and ideally look forward to receiving it from you.

Then, in turn, YOU have marketing success – in keeping your prospects accessible, interested, engaged and loyal. Here’s why marketing with an online newsletter works:

It Keeps Prospects Accessible

The people who have subscribed to your online newsletter have done so because they’re attracted to you, and what you offer. These are exactly the right people you want to market to, the most willing to say yes. Having these prospects within easy reach allows you to zone in on your target, as opposed to wasting time, effort and money mass marketing.

It Keeps Prospects Interested

Giving your prospects something of value, something closely matched to their interests, keeps them curious. Because their curiosity, desire or need has been satisfied, they’ll come back time and again to see what else you might have to share.

It Keeps Prospects Engaged

When you find your prospects do take action, opening and reading your newsletter on a regular basis, clicking links within it, and branching out to share or comment on social media, you’re got an audience that’s engaged. And they’re the real goldmine for evangelizing your brand.

It Keeps Prospects Loyal

When your prospects have stuck around for a while, staying curious about and in step with what you’re doing, who do you think they’re going to call when they’re ready to buy? You. After all, you’ve developed this great online relationship of give and take. They’ve gotten to know you, like what you do, and trust that you can do the same amazing things for them. They’ll be ready to give back to you by signing on the dotted line. And then down the road, you’ll have an opportunity again, to invite them to be repeat customers through your online newsletter.

What do you think – does an online newsletter seem like it makes sense in your marketing plan?

Do you already have an online newsletter? How’s it working for you – are you seeing it work to your benefit?

I’d love to hear from you – share your comments below.

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